Radio Stations

Here at 80s and 90s, we’re here to let you know of the best online and even FM stations that are available on the World Wide Web!


80’s Stations

80s Hits – The best 80s Hits on the web, provided by TuneIn.

.977 80s FM – Has both a regular stream and a premium stream (no commericals).  Station’s Web Site 80s Rock – Also has a premium stream.

AceRadio.Net 80s

Big R Radio 80s – Another 80s stream from one of the best online radio providers. Also with a premium stream. Station’s Web Site

Big R Radio The Wave – Need your fix on New Wave? Here it is!

Big R Radio Metal – We can’t forget the Hair Metal!

181.FM Hair Metal – Another Hair Metal stream from 181.FM. Station’s Web Site.


90’s Stations

90’s Hits – The name says it all! Also has a premium stream.

.977 90’s Hits – 90’s best hits provided by .977.  Station’s Web Site

Big R Radio 90’s Alternative – 90’s provided by

90’s Country – Miss the country hits of the 90s? Look no further!