New Intro Vid and Also a Fair Warning

We have changed the intro vid to Inxs Devil Inside! Enjoy!

Due to some trying times in this webmaster life, 80s-n-90s will see fewer updates all the way until around Mid-December of this year. Sorry for the inconvenience. Otherwise, I’ll be updating the Facebook page a little often.

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Site News update!

Wow, it’s been two weeks! Been playing around on Facebook that I forgot about the site! Oops!

Well, we made a new logo for 80’s N 90’s, take a look:

Perhaps not my best work…

We are changing the Intro Vid to STP’s Wicked Garden on Letterman back in 1993, and we are almost finished with a article on the 25th anniversary of STP’s Core album.

Stay tuned!

Pictures of Candlebox and 311 at Royal Oak Arts, Beats & Eats

311 at Arts, Beats & Eats. Royal Oak, Michigan.

Folks who visited the Arts, Beats & Eats on Saturday the 2nd of September in 2017 were treated to a pair of great 90s bands, Candlebox and 311. Candlebox hit the stage at 8pm and 311 followed around 9:45pm.


Candlebox still has their frontman Kevin Martin, he was joined by bassist Adam Kury, drummer Robin Diaz and guitar players Brian Quinn and Mike Leslie who happens to be from Detroit. Strange thing is that on Wikipedia, it states that Leslie was in the band from 2015-16, currently playing rhythm guitar is somebody named Island Styles. Huh? Strange name. I haven’t been paying too much attention to Candlebox these days. Perhaps Mr. Styles wasn’t available and they gave Mr. Leslie a call.


Of the two bands, Candlebox’s singer was more chatty with the crowd than the two singers from 311. He also discussed the meaning of “Cover Me” and told us how he was an Altar Boy at the ages 10-14. He said at 11, he lost faith in Catholicism, but faked it until he was 14. Martin said although he has no issues with religion, he told the crowd not to hurt or kill anyone due to their faith.

The band’s final two songs were “Far Behind” and ended with a recently written song by them called “The Bridge.” Kevin Martin said the song was about Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, and had urged the crowd to seek help if they are looking to take their own lives.

“Take a step back and make a phone call.”


311 hit the stage at 9:45pm and did a good one hour and 45 minute set. 311 has been the same lineup since their self-titled album in 1995. The band consists of Nick Hexum at vocals and guitar, S.A. Martinez at vocals and DJ, Tim Mahoney at lead guitar, P-Nut at bass and Chad Sexton at drums.

The band did not only do songs from the 90’s, but also did their new material and stuff from the 2000’s. A bass solo was done by P-Nut and Chad Sexton had a drum solo, later to be joined by the other four band members. My only disappointment on this show is they didn’t do “Hey You.” Kinda wanted to hear that one.

All pics taken at the Arts, Beats & Eats in Royal Oak, Michigan in 2017. The festival is held each Labor Day weekend for 4 days from Friday-Monday. Other 90’s favorite The Wallflowers was there that Monday.

Some additions:

We found a 80’s arcade site where you can play games:

80’s Arcade


On our sister site, Qwick, we made a slideshow called Noteworthy Baseball Flicks of the 90s:

Play Ball!

We are looking for podcasts that talk about the 80s and the 90s, we are currently working on our list! We should have it up by next week.

An article about Pac-Man, upcoming news, and a correction


I stumbled upon this article about Pac-Man, thought this maybe of interest to our site visitors, here it goes:

The weird history of Pac-Man

Upcoming 90’s Baseball slideshow

Just like the above link, we are working on a slideshow, but only with baseball flicks of the 90’s. We will have that up this weekend.


One great hit for this site here is our Kirby article that I put out last week. It brought this site a lot of hits and I’ll make more of these short term articles. Sadly, I made a few mistakes in this article. One that I’ve been told a few times on was Kirby’s original color is white, I said it was pink. There are a couple of other errors on that article. That’s the problem with doing articles on the fly without the research.

So, how about a good 90’s hood movie reference towards me on this one:


Site Updates & Additions

Finally found some time (and some motivation) to update 80s and 90s with a site update. Been a while, heh? Well, I think the average site visitor here doesn’t care too much of my personal life so I won’t bore you with the details.

Intro Vid Change

We decided to go 80s with our intro vid, you’ll now see Guns N Roses “Sweet Child o’ Mine” as your intro (if you visit this site on your computer or some tablets). It was a little painful to bump “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden out of there.

Goodies, Music & Television

We also added a link a piece with 80s N 90s Goodies and Music. For music, we added Billboard Top Songs of the 80’s. As of this post, the list currently has 199 songs with no missing items. If you have some time on your hands, definitely take a look at that.

You miss TV? Before Netflix and other many on-demand channels came to our lives? Well, with Nameless.TV, you can watch TV again. Nameless also has a Nostalgia channel with a mix of music videos, 80’s and 90’s cartoons and shows. Nameless can be a little inconvenient though, for instance, it’s YouTube dependent. So if a copyright claim comes up with YouTube and the video is off of the internet, Nameless will also show the static.

I was watching the channel earlier and a episode of Doug was taken off of YouTube and I had to wait 11 minutes for the next show to come on. Otherwise, I highly recommend it.


Radio Station Links

It’s been a while, heh? We have now added Radio Station links to our site. Just click or better yet, hover over links and Radio Stations will pop up. With my personal life, I’ll be getting a week or two off work and I plan on adding more to this site. Something I’ve been failing at lately…

If there is other 80s or 90s Radio Stations I failed to mention, let me know on Twitter: @RobbeeWrite

Visiting the 80’s Fest in Frankenmuth

80s Fest in Frankenmuth 2017
Freddy, Robbie & Chucky
the 80s fest in Frankenmuth

Saturday 29th of April, I travelled an hour and 20 minutes from my hometown of Sterling Heights to Frankenmuth. Around the last weekend of each April, Frankenmuth throws a 80s party to help benefit cancer research. It’s been a while since I have attended an 80s gig and I thought I should go, for my own enjoyment and for this site.

Square Pegz and Slick JimmY

The 80s party had it’s own tent and also a large garage where the bands played. I attended Saturday’s show, which had a Flint-based band called Slick Jimmy. The band did not have a keyboard players so all the synths were pre-recorded to go along with the performance. The headliners were a Detroit-based 80s band known as Square Pegz. Here they are in the 2015 80s Fest, wished I was there:

The tent also contained a Rec Room where many 80s toys were there for one’s view. They also had an Atari, Nintendo and Sega Genesis hooked up to old TVs for one’s gaming pleasure.

The place got crowded around 8:30p and it’s just would be hard to get around. But despite my hatred for being in a small place with a shitload of people, I was happy as hell. Lots of Henry’s Hard Orange Soda to boot (I had 4 or 5) and 80s music playing all day. I never wanted it to end. I wanna go next year, the 80s Fest in Frankenmuth is highly recommended for all who love the 80s.


Square Pegz

Slick Jimmy


Here are some additional photos of the fest, with some of them containing my ugly-ass self too:




Intro Vid Change and Upcoming Frankenmuth 80s Fest post

Devo’s “Whip It” will be this week’s Intro Vid. It was also one of the songs performed by Square Pegz at the Frankenmuth 80s Fest in Michigan. I was one of the attendants.

80s Fest in Frankenmuth 2017
Freddy, Robbie & Chucky

We will also have some more pics on the way early this week along with more vids. Stay tuned!