Intro Vid Change, honoring Tom Petty!

The news was quite strange in regards of Tom Petty’s death. First it was reported that he died, then apparently he wasn’t dead but gravely ill. Then around 12m my time, I got the news from the BBC that he did die, then my local app The Detroit News confirmed it. Damn!

Anyways, the least we can do is honor his memory, and for a start, we will make the intro vid Free Fallin. Great vid!

Stone Temple Pilots’ Core reaches 25 years!

Stone Temple Pilots - Core
25 years?

Yes it has, it’s been 25 years since Stone Temple Pilots released their debut album Core.  September 29th, 1992 was the release date. In the beginning, the San Diego band spun “Sex Type Thing” to the radio, which did not bring them the publicity they were looking for, but gave them the contender status to align them with Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains. It wasn’t until “Plush” was spun as a hit in May of 1993 and the song, along with it’s video became popular in the summer of that year.

Plush (The Music Video)

“Plush” saw heavy airplay and the video was often played on MTV back in the summer of 1993 (when MTV played music most of the time), folks would know the music video were the band is playing in a empty bar, while a visual show of the lyrics are on the video. The lyrics in the video are loosely based on a newspaper article Scott Weiland read about a woman who was murdered near San Diego, but Weiland also said that some of the lyrics are based on a failed relationship. Here’s more info on the song’s meaning. A notable acoustic version was done on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. However, then host Riki Rathman wasn’t a fan of it and had later dissed the band on the show.


Besides “Sex Type Thing” and “Plush,” Core spun out “Creep” (not to be confused with Radiohead’s hit and later TLC’s hit) and “Crackerman” was also released as a single, but did not hit the charts. The band also performed “Naked Sunday” on Saturday Night Live back in 1993, with the lovely Nicole Kidman introducing the band.

Look What I Found!

While I was looking for more vids for this article, I came across this! This is a compilation of STP’s performances from 1992-1996 and one from Weiland fronting Velvet Revolver. Take a look:

 25th ANNIVERSARY reissue of core

Yes, the band is putting out a reissue package for “Core.” The Super Deluxe Bundle comes the Core 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe box set with the original album on 180-gram vinyl, an exclusive Core 25th Anniversary album t-shirt, and Core 25th Anniversary 16″ x 20″ lithograph. The first 1,000 orders get a 7-inch vinyl of “Plush” that was originally released in 1993 in the UK.

Find that on the band’s website:




The Journey Situation

From L to R: Ross Valroy, Steve Smith, Arnel Pindea, Neal Schon, Jon Cain


The Journey Situation

Late in July, three band members of Journey (Arnel Pindea, Ross Valroy and Johnathon Cain) had visited the White House. There is video of the three saying hello to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Again, three members of the band went to the White House, the two who didn’t were Steve Smith and Neal Schon. And as most Journey fans would know, the latter wasn’t happy about it.


Here’s an article on Variety commenting on the situation, and also SPIN talks about this with it’s title: Journey May Break Up Because of Trump, and also this. Of course, this is just opinion from me, it seems that the news especially CNN and MSNBC like to talk about Trump a lot, heck, they’re probably blaming Trump for Hurricane Harvey. The presidency is a touchy subject these days. Also, I didn’t see any pictures of the three with Trump. I’d imagine if they did meet Trump, we would see pictures.

When it comes to Trump, Neal Schon has stated he is neutral with him, but he was upset with the three other members visiting the White House. Schon pretty much wants to keep the band politically neutral. However, there had been some reports of Jon Cain and Neal having issues in early June, before the visit to the White House as Ultimate Classic Rock states. Also, Jonathon’s wife, Paula White Cain is a Spiritual Adviser for Trump. The two married in 2015, the third marriage for the both of them.

And also, on October 2016, Jonathan talked a little about Don’t Stop Believin’ and his Christian faith.

When it comes to the rift between Jon and Neal before the White House visit, Carl Palmer of Asia said he didn’t notice anything.

As for the end of Journey, somebody got a hold of Herbie Herbert, the former manager of Journey from their start as Prog Rockers in the mid-70s to when they reformed in the 90s. Herbie stated that fighting within the band is usual. But he also did note that Neal had an issue with Cain going to Christianity. Herbie Herbert, whose an Atheist, had no problems with Cain finding God.

Herbie Herbert and Neal Schon

But Herbie also talked about Neal’s personal life and the idea of him on his fifth marriage. The article also tells of Neal owes a lot of momey in alimony from his previous marriages. Journey is Neal’s primary money-maker and if the end of Journey were to happen, according to Herbie, that would bring Neal into financial ruin.

Let’s hope this won’t be the end of Journey. I saw them in June and I would like to see them again.



Full Metal Jacket 30th Anniversary

Full Metal Jacket
From @OneJellyDonut
What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?

YouTube channel JoBlo Movie Theatres got Matthew Modine (Pvt. J.T. “Joker” Davis), Vincent D’Onofrio (Pvt. Leonard “Gomer Pyle” Lawrence) and Leon Vitali (assistant to director Stanley Kubrick) for an interview. Full Metal Jacket hit the theatres on June 26, 1987. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, but didn’t win either or. Instead, the movie won smaller accolades but would later become a critical favorite. In JoBlo’s interview, the three mainly discuss working with Stanley Kubrick. D’Onofrio talked a little about the infamous bathroom scene. Besides that aforementioned scene, the three didn’t talk much of R.Lee Emery’s role in the movie.

R.Lee Emery had served in the United States Marine Corps from 1961 to 1972. He would serve three years as a Drill Instructor and would later go to Vietnam in 1968. Emery would later be discharged in 1972 due to non-war injuries he sustained during his time with the Marines. He would later go to acting, he had a small role in 1979’s Apocalypse Now, as well as being a Technical Advisor. With Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick intended to have Emery as a Technical Advisor, but after watching a tape of Emery playing a Drill Instructor, Kubrick gave Emery the role as Gunnery Sargent Hartman.

Full Metal Jacket was produced in England. The Bassingbourn Barracks were the barracks being used in for the movie. British Army recruits based in Bassingbourn were used as extras. Bassingbourn had been closed by the British Ministry of Defense in 2014. However, there is some talk about a re-opening.

More on Bassingbourn Barracks:

Hall & Oates Concert (w/Tears For Fears), May 17th in Detroit.

Hall & Oates May 17th 2017

Yes, this was on May 17th 2017 and I’m 2 months and 2 days late. Sorry! Something bad happened in Detroit that day, the death of Chris Cornell. We spent the next day talking about Chris Cornell and would later forget about uploading the pics for this concert. So here you go.

Also, my Journey (w/Asia) pics can be found here.

Hall & Oates (w/Tears For Fears)


RIP Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell
Jimmy Page’s tweet
RIP Chris Cornell

It’s sad to say that we lost one of 90s superstars Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave. He was also known for Temple of the Dog, the band had reformed and toured last year.  Cornell did a show with Soundgarden at the Fox Theater on May 17th and would return to his hotel room where he had supposedly committed suicide.

Here is a short video of his last show at the Fox Theater.

It’s hits close to home due to Detroit being my hometown and also, I was at the Joe Louis Arena at the same time as Soundgarden’s last performance with Chris Cornell, only I saw Tears for Fears and Hall and Oates. Today’s article was going to be all about that and the poor cellphone pics I would be uploading.

Another strange thing about the death of Chris, at my primary job on Wednesday night, I was thinking about the song Black Hole Sun and how goofy that video is. Was my brain trying to tell me something?

Not a good day for us folks who grew up on Grunge.

It sucks that I have to go to that Temple of the Dog page and re-edit the page to add that Chris Cornell died. Ugh…

RIP Chris Cornell



Intro Vid Change and Upcoming Frankenmuth 80s Fest post

Devo’s “Whip It” will be this week’s Intro Vid. It was also one of the songs performed by Square Pegz at the Frankenmuth 80s Fest in Michigan. I was one of the attendants.

80s Fest in Frankenmuth 2017
Freddy, Robbie & Chucky

We will also have some more pics on the way early this week along with more vids. Stay tuned!

Bunny Day update, Intro Vid change and upcoming posts

We left “Rosanna” by Toto on here for two weeks, one week too many! So, we are going to the 90s for Grunge, Pearl Jam’s “Alive” will be the intro video of the week.

Our 90s super groups slideshow will be available at the end of the week. Unlike our 80s slideshow, we will be having it hosted on our sister site,

Stay tuned and apologies for the lack of updates. Besides Web Development, I’m working two jobs!


RIP John Geils

From Getty Images

The guitarist and leader of the J.Geils band John Geils has passed away. The J.Geils band is known for their slew of hits in the 70s and early 80s. The band’s Freeze-Frame album in 1981 hit #1 in the Billboard charts and saw “Centerfold” and the album’s title track saw heavy airplay on MTV.

John Geils was found dead in his Massachusetts home at the age of 71. The local police department stated he likely died on natural causes.

See NPR article for more details.

RIP John

A Tool joke and a Tango in the Night longread.

Tool with Sammy Hagar?
Tool Hagar
Hagar and Keenan Source:

Some news first from Tool, but it looks like a April Fools joke. Tool has been involved with quite a few April Fools jokes from one stating three of the band members were killed to Maynard becoming a Born-Again Christian. Or this in 2015:

Boy, that’s annoying.

Anyways, there was some speculation that Tool was replacing Maynard with Sammy Hagar.  Here’s an article from Loudwire on April Fool’s Day and one from Consequence Of Sound.

Tango in the Night

Now we make a long jump to Fleetwood Mac and yes, we here at 80s and 90s are a little obsessive with Fleetwood Mac. Despite my disagreements with, they do have a long read from the engineer of the album Greg Droman. As one would know, Tango in the Night took a long 18-months to make. A few songs intended to be a Lindsey Buckingham solo album made it on the record. Also a worthy addition was Stevie Nicks’ contribution to the album just before the completion.

Greg Droman discusses his lack of experience as an engineer at the time and his panic attacks of the making of Tango in the Night.

Take a look at 80s-N-90s best albums of 1982, with Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage included in the slideshow.