The Prevue Guide

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Prevue Guide started simply as Electronic Program Guide in 1981. The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) wasn’t as advanced as Prevue Guide, it was merely a scroller with some local radio. It would occasionally show advertisements.
The Prevue Guide that we 80s & 90s couch potatoes are most familiar with had launched in 1988, however, it was a little slow to launch in all cable stations. For instance, Prevue Guide was available in central Texas in 1988, however, West Covina, California ran EPG until early 1990.
Prevue Guide
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
From Prevue Guide to Prevue Channel
The split-screen Prevue Guide surely was a step-up from Electronic Program Guide. The listings would be cut in half and be shown on the bottom, while on the top half: previews & commercials on top. Prevue Guide did take the font and graphics of EPG. The font and graphics were used until 1993. Starting in March 1993, it changed to Prevue Channel. What also changed was its appearance and also the familiar Prevue Guide song everyone loves (or perhaps not).
The fonts & graphics from the old EPG were replaced by a blue grid setup showing the show that is on each channel and the show(s) coming up. This was a better option as Prevue Guide would show each half-hour time frame every couple minutes. Prevue Channel instead had their own blues jingle with a man singing with an acoustic guitar. Besides that, Prevue Channel didn’t have the old theme music from Prevue Guide, they had a library of its own.


Beginning in 1998, Prevue Channel would bring some short-form shows. All would start with the Prevue name, such as Prevue This, Prevue Family, Prevue Sports & Prevue News. Also in 1998, Prevue Guide’s parent company acquired TV Guide. And at midnight on February 1st, 1999, Prevue Channel was renamed TV Guide Channel.
When Prevue Channel went to TV Guide Channel:

TV Guide Channel
Around the turn of the millennium, new graphics were introduced to the listings. The old navy blue grid was replaced by an advanced red & blue grid. Prevue Channel’s short-form shows had the Prevue name replaced with TV Guide. You would see TV Guide Close-Up, TV Guide Sportsview and also TV Guide insider. TV Guide’s short-form shows would feature interviews with actors, directors & producers and would also give a behind-the-scenes look of the big ticket movies that were being made at the time. A definite 1-up from what Prevue Channel had to offer.
Prevue Guide
TV Guide Channel 1999 with a preview from the Today Show
TV Guide channel’s short-form shows had a share of hosts, Debbie Matenopoulous & Cynthia Garrett would be hosts in the early 2000s. Matenopoulous would later join Good Day Live and would be injured during a live show in 2004. In 2005, TV Guide would bring in full-length shows.
The Technical Stuff behind Prevue Guide/Channel
Prevue Guide’s predecessor EPG ran via an Atari 130XE and later a 600XL. These were part of a series of 8-bit computers made by Atari from 1979 to 1992. When Prevue Guide entered the world of Cable TV, they would be dependent on the Commodore Amiga 2000. In 1994, as Prevue Channel, they would upgrade to an Amiga 3000 despite the model being discontinued in 1992. TV Guide Channel would use Windows NT.
One of the big minuses for Amiga computers is it ‘Guru Meditation.’ An error that will show a black screen with red text on top showing the message. Besides that error, Prevue Guide was known to crash from time to time.

Playing Twisted Metal 2 for the first time in nearly 20 years!


I bought Twisted Metal 2 at a classic video games shop nearby me for a mere seven bucks. I had Twisted Metal 2 back in 1997 and remember beating the game quite a few times with the sluggish controls of Hammerhead. Twisted Metal 2 is one of these early PlayStation games and could be completed in an hour if you’re good at it. No memory card is needed for Twisted Metal 2, it depended on easy passwords.

The Twisted Game We Play!

The first Twisted Metal was released in 1995, it was based in Los Angeles in 2005, and the man running the show was Calypso. Needless to say, the city wide demolition derby pretty much tore Los Angeles apart. For the second Twisted Metal, released in 1996, Calypso goes global in 2006 with the worldwide series of car fights. One of the differences with Twisted Metal 2 was SweetTooth was not an available player, one would have to put in a code to unlock him. The same could be done with Minion. Unlike the first Twisted Metal, you fight Minion in Amazonia (the 3rd level) and not at the end of the game in the first installment. The end of Twisted Metal 2 has you fighting Dark Tooth in Hong Kong.

From GodGames Hammerhead getting hit by Roadkill

I gave Twisted Metal 2 a try with Hammerhead again. Hammerhead is manned by two idiots who go by Mike & Stu. They remind me a lot of Cory & Trevor in the early Trailer Park Boys episodes, Trevor would later be replaced by Jacob. Another duo they remind me of is Zack and Suliman, two brothers who often call the Tom Leykis Show, the former often calls from his room with a smoke detector chirp due to a low battery.

Showtime with Hammerhead & Weaponary

Playing as Hammerhead was a challenge as it took a little while to get use to the sluggish controls. It wasn’t due to the game, it’s just difficult to move Hammerhead around without someone fast like Mr. Grimm throwing missiles at you. Suprisingly, I was able to beat the 1st level, being the Los Angeles ruins with just losing one life. The power missiles were helpful when I was able to get near the opponents. The missiles come in three different types: the homing missile, which follows the opponent when fired; the fire missile which doesn’t have the strong homing capabilities as the previous mention; and the power missile that goes straight and needed to be fired at the right time. This also includes napalms that also have little homing capability and the ricochet bombs that are just like the green Koopa shells in Mario Kart, they only go straight and bounce on walls.

Gameplay & Levels

After the ruins of Los Angeles, you go to a very small level in Russia. This one was difficult, especially when Sweet Tooth following me and kicking my ass, but I was able to win with losing life number 2 and barely getting by with a small smug of energy. Next was Paris, I got killed before I could do anything and lost my last life. After two times dying in Paris, I finally beat it and went to Amazonia. Amazonia took me two tries with one of my deaths staying in the hot lava for too long. I found a little room and began to fire missiles out of there until I got everybody. And Minion came along and I killed him too (that took too long due to me pulling the wuss move and hiding in the room waiting for him to drive by the doorway).

After that, New York was next. New York is the biggest level in the game, and with how I beat Minion, I did the same thing. I hid on one of the buildings and waited for the opponents to come to me. It all worked well until Outlaw got below me and did her special attack with the lighting going through the floors and getting me. I drove Hammerhead to first aid and some power missiles and waited. Luckily, Outlaw made a mistake and fell off one of the buildings. In New York, you can easily fall off of buildings.

Sweettooth getting hit in Antarctica
The glitch in Antarctica

Antarctica has ice that can break and have you fall into the ocean and lose a life. When I played, I tried to hide in one of the snowy areas in the level, but that wasn’t working. I drove hammerhead around the ice and sadly fell into the ocean which leads to losing a life or your death if you lost all your lives. But the game glitches and had me still alive, just not able to move. My last three enemies tried to get closer to attack me but all three fell into the ocean and died. That was strange!

I gave up!

Next up was Holland, it is a very small level and flat with no hiding spots. I had a hard time and cheated by getting the Hong Kong password and went on. Hong Kong is the final level and after defeating all opponents, you fight Dark Tooth, the final boss. Hong Kong is a big level with some dead ends; you can also drive on the subway as well. I had a hard time with Hong Kong and just gave it up. I’m just not good at this game as a 35-year-old man and not the video game obsessed 15-year-old I once was.

So, since we are in 2017, we can show you what happens to Mike & Stu when they win:

Those idiots!!

Also with our PlayStation, it came with a sampler disc that contained demos and also interviews with the game makers. Twisted Metal 2’s lead designer has an interview on this disc. In the sampler disc, you highlight the question and press X, and you get the answers from David Jaffe himself. This vid below just has his answers, here is:

Find additional info on Twisted Metal 2 here:



EnGadget Review 2007

Stone Temple Pilots’ Core reaches 25 years!

Stone Temple Pilots - Core
25 years?

Yes it has, it’s been 25 years since Stone Temple Pilots released their debut album Core.  September 29th, 1992 was the release date. In the beginning, the San Diego band spun “Sex Type Thing” to the radio, which did not bring them the publicity they were looking for, but gave them the contender status to align them with Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains. It wasn’t until “Plush” was spun as a hit in May of 1993 and the song, along with it’s video became popular in the summer of that year.

Plush (The Music Video)

“Plush” saw heavy airplay and the video was often played on MTV back in the summer of 1993 (when MTV played music most of the time), folks would know the music video were the band is playing in a empty bar, while a visual show of the lyrics are on the video. The lyrics in the video are loosely based on a newspaper article Scott Weiland read about a woman who was murdered near San Diego, but Weiland also said that some of the lyrics are based on a failed relationship. Here’s more info on the song’s meaning. A notable acoustic version was done on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. However, then host Riki Rathman wasn’t a fan of it and had later dissed the band on the show.


Besides “Sex Type Thing” and “Plush,” Core spun out “Creep” (not to be confused with Radiohead’s hit and later TLC’s hit) and “Crackerman” was also released as a single, but did not hit the charts. The band also performed “Naked Sunday” on Saturday Night Live back in 1993, with the lovely Nicole Kidman introducing the band.

Look What I Found!

While I was looking for more vids for this article, I came across this! This is a compilation of STP’s performances from 1992-1996 and one from Weiland fronting Velvet Revolver. Take a look:

 25th ANNIVERSARY reissue of core

Yes, the band is putting out a reissue package for “Core.” The Super Deluxe Bundle comes the Core 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe box set with the original album on 180-gram vinyl, an exclusive Core 25th Anniversary album t-shirt, and Core 25th Anniversary 16″ x 20″ lithograph. The first 1,000 orders get a 7-inch vinyl of “Plush” that was originally released in 1993 in the UK.

Find that on the band’s website:




Pictures of Candlebox and 311 at Royal Oak Arts, Beats & Eats

311 at Arts, Beats & Eats. Royal Oak, Michigan.

Folks who visited the Arts, Beats & Eats on Saturday the 2nd of September in 2017 were treated to a pair of great 90s bands, Candlebox and 311. Candlebox hit the stage at 8pm and 311 followed around 9:45pm.


Candlebox still has their frontman Kevin Martin, he was joined by bassist Adam Kury, drummer Robin Diaz and guitar players Brian Quinn and Mike Leslie who happens to be from Detroit. Strange thing is that on Wikipedia, it states that Leslie was in the band from 2015-16, currently playing rhythm guitar is somebody named Island Styles. Huh? Strange name. I haven’t been paying too much attention to Candlebox these days. Perhaps Mr. Styles wasn’t available and they gave Mr. Leslie a call.


Of the two bands, Candlebox’s singer was more chatty with the crowd than the two singers from 311. He also discussed the meaning of “Cover Me” and told us how he was an Altar Boy at the ages 10-14. He said at 11, he lost faith in Catholicism, but faked it until he was 14. Martin said although he has no issues with religion, he told the crowd not to hurt or kill anyone due to their faith.

The band’s final two songs were “Far Behind” and ended with a recently written song by them called “The Bridge.” Kevin Martin said the song was about Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, and had urged the crowd to seek help if they are looking to take their own lives.

“Take a step back and make a phone call.”


311 hit the stage at 9:45pm and did a good one hour and 45 minute set. 311 has been the same lineup since their self-titled album in 1995. The band consists of Nick Hexum at vocals and guitar, S.A. Martinez at vocals and DJ, Tim Mahoney at lead guitar, P-Nut at bass and Chad Sexton at drums.

The band did not only do songs from the 90’s, but also did their new material and stuff from the 2000’s. A bass solo was done by P-Nut and Chad Sexton had a drum solo, later to be joined by the other four band members. My only disappointment on this show is they didn’t do “Hey You.” Kinda wanted to hear that one.

All pics taken at the Arts, Beats & Eats in Royal Oak, Michigan in 2017. The festival is held each Labor Day weekend for 4 days from Friday-Monday. Other 90’s favorite The Wallflowers was there that Monday.

Artie Lange to co-host show with Anthony Cumia

The AA Show Artie Lange Anthony Cumia
From The Laugh Button
The AA Show (Artie and Anthony)

On August 21st 2017, while all of America was caught up in the solar eclipse, Compound Media’s founder Anthony Cumia announced a co-host for his show: Artie Lange. Those who grew up in the ‘90s and entered adulthood in the 2000s may remember Artie Lange as one of original cast members of the Fox comedy-sketch show MAD TV.

Artie and Anthony’s show will start in September 5th, 2017 and will be called the AA show. Those who want to watch this show can find it on Compound Media with a paid subscription of $6.95 a month. The network isn’t just limited to Artie and Anthony; Taleeb Starkes, Pat Dixon, East Side Dave, Kevin Brennan and Michael Malice also have shows there.

Artie Lange

Lange is perhaps best known in his MAD TV sketch, “That’s My White Momma.”  He also did the Little League Bookie sketch and many others. However, behind the scenes at MAD TV, Lange had trouble with cocaine use, which led to him going to rehab, and serving time jail—twice—and leaving MAD TV before the third season started, with a few special guest appearances on the show later.

Artie Lange was selected by Norm Macdonald to play in his 1998 buddy movie Dirty Work. Macdonald was one of the co-writers of the film and Full House’s Bob Saget directed. He was also set to appear on the 1996 blockbuster film Jerry Maguire, but his scene was deleted from the movie.

In 2001, Lange replaced Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling on The Howard Stern Show. He held that job until late 2009.

Lange attempted suicide for the second time in 2010, and the incident was discussed openly on the show. Stern mentioning that Lange would have his job back when he was healthy, but in 2011 on the show, Lange was referred to as a “former staffer.”

Lange would not give up on broadcasting. He reemerged in 2011 with The Nick and Artie Show with comedian Nick DiPaolo, which lasted for two years. When DiPaolo left in 2013, the show was renamed The Artie Lange Show and it ran until 2014. Lange was under fire for a few tweets about ESPN’s Cari Champion in November 2014.

Artie Lange moved to podcasting in 2015 with his own Artie Quitter podcast, sharing the name with his Twitter handle: @artiequitter. He is ending that podcast to join Anthony Cumia on his show on Compound Media starting on Sep 5th, 2017.

Lange has written two books: Too Fat to Fish in 2008, and Crash and Burn in 2013. He has plans to release a third book in late 2017.

Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia is perhaps best known for being one-half of the famous radio duo Opie & Anthony. The two began their first show in 1995 and kept going all the way until July 2014. Anthony was discovered by Opie due to his parody of Otis Redding’s Sitting on the Dock of the Bay; Anthony and his band Rotgut called it “Gonna Electric Shock O.J.” The O.J. Simpson Trial was top news at the time.

Anthony Cumia
Anthony Cumia and Gregg “Opie” Hughes, April 2014

The duo began in Long Island, and then went to Boston where they were later fired due to an April Fools’ Day joke in 1998. In late 1999, they were joined by comedian Jim Norton as a “third mic” in most of their shows.

Besides their 1998 April Fools’ Joke, the duo cause more controversy with the Voyver Bus in 2000 where Norton and Comedian Lewis Black got arrested, Homeless Shopping Spree, and Sex for Sam. The third installment of Sex for Sam in August 2002 got them fired. Due to contract requirements, the duo could not broadcast again until October 2004.

They were hired on XM Satellite Radio in October 2004, where they say all the foul language they want. After Howard Stern left FM radio to go to Sirius, the duo was offered a show on FM radio as part of CBS’ Free FM. Stern’s FM replacement, Rover’s Morning Glory, had produced low ratings, and CBS gave the duo a three-hour weekday show on FM radio from 6-9, after which they would head to XM for 2-3 hours. Their last show on CBS was on March 9, 2009.

They were suspended for 30 days in May 2007 when they allowed a homeless man named “Homeless Charlie” to make some sexual jokes about Condoleezza Rice and then first lady Laura Bush. This bit was harshly criticized by quite a few folks in the media, especially Bill O’Reilly and Mancow. Mancow would claim that the duo would be done, but he would be proven wrong.

In June 2011, the late Andrew Breitbart appeared on the show with a picture of Anthony Weiner’s weiner. The cameras in the studio captured a picture of his junk and both Opie and Anthony leaked the photo on Twitter. This would be coined as “Weinergate.”

The Opie and Anthony Show ended on July 3rd 2014, after Anthony’s hate-filled tweets after a confrontation with a black woman. He would later start The Anthony Cumia Show online. Later, Anthony would give The Legion of Skanks and Gavin McInnes their own shows (both no longer with Compound Media) and would rename the network Compound Media.  The conservative Cumia had made the news recently with his argument with highly-liberal Jon Stewart. Take a look at the poorly written article here. (Then again, my Kirby’s 25th article was poorly done.)

Opie continued on Sirius XM as the Opie and Jimmy show until September 2016; Opie had his own show during the afternoon drive on Sirius XM until he got fired on July 7th, 2017.

Artie and Anthony’s picture for the show does have the two with their actual mugshots. Lange has been arrested several times and Cumia got arrested in late 2015.

Layne Staley would be 50 today

Layne Staley
From Seattle PI
Happy 50th Layne

Late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley would be 50 years old today. Just a few days ago, Staley’s mother Nancy McCallum had talked to Metal Injection about the Opioid Crisis and also about how she found out about the death of her son.

A benefit concert for Staley was held on Saturday, August 19th 2017 at the Moore Theater in Seattle. Here’s a video of a cover of Man in the Box:

Layne Staley was the singer of Alice In Chains from 1987 to 2002. The band would enter a hiatus after making three albums and a EP from 1990 to 1996. Slatey had problems with drug use which was one of the contributing factors to lead the band to the hiatus. Staley would buy a condo in 1997. He would stay there and become a recluse all the way to his death in 2002.

The last person who saw Staley alive was Mike Starr (bassist of AIC, 1987-93) on April 4th, 2002. Starr had encouraged Staley to get help, but Staley refused. Starr stormed out of his condo due to his refusal. On April 19th, Layne’s mother got a call from his bank letting her know of the inactivity of his account. Which lead to the discovery of her son’s death.

Mike Starr and Nancy McCallum did talk on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab. Here’s the video on DailyMotion.

Mike Starr passed away due to a drug overdose in March 2011.

Layne Staley’s Tribute Site


Kirby’s 25th Anniversary 

From Neoseeker
Kirby’s 25th Anniversary

It’s been 25 years since Kirby made his way into the Game Boy. We’re not talking about Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance, the original Game Boy. Yes, it was a little disappointing when you would buy the game with it’s box and it would show Kirby in his original color: Pink. But on the Game Boy, he’s Black and White.

From TechnoBuffalo

Kibry’s first appearance would be Kirby’s Dream Land where he battles enemies all the way to the final fight with King Dedede. The game sold quite well despite how easy the game is and it being in black and white. I had the game when I was 10 and I was able to defeat King Dedede in 20 minutes. Afterwards, the game tells of a hard mode. That wasn’t too much difficult with hard mode. The creator of Kirby’s Dream Land, named Masahiro Sakurai intended the game to be simple.

Kirby’s Dream Land would not start and end with Kirby, more game would be released with Kirby due to the success of Kirby’s Dream Land. Kirby’s Dream Land is available on the Wii and the 3DS.

further releases

In 1993, Nintendo released Kirby’s Adventure for the NES. This was one of the final games released for the NES (the final one was Wario’s Woods in early 94).  Kirby’s Dream Land 2 would follow in 1995 and the third installment would come to SNES in 1997 in North America first and Japan in 1998. Kirby will would be found on the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. Kirby has a game in each Nintendo console minus the Nintendo Switch as of August 2017, but I’m sure Kirby will make his way there.


TechnoBuffalo’s review.

A review of Kirby’s Dream Land 3 from ScrewAttack.

Site Updates & Additions

Finally found some time (and some motivation) to update 80s and 90s with a site update. Been a while, heh? Well, I think the average site visitor here doesn’t care too much of my personal life so I won’t bore you with the details.

Intro Vid Change

We decided to go 80s with our intro vid, you’ll now see Guns N Roses “Sweet Child o’ Mine” as your intro (if you visit this site on your computer or some tablets). It was a little painful to bump “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden out of there.

Goodies, Music & Television

We also added a link a piece with 80s N 90s Goodies and Music. For music, we added Billboard Top Songs of the 80’s. As of this post, the list currently has 199 songs with no missing items. If you have some time on your hands, definitely take a look at that.

You miss TV? Before Netflix and other many on-demand channels came to our lives? Well, with Nameless.TV, you can watch TV again. Nameless also has a Nostalgia channel with a mix of music videos, 80’s and 90’s cartoons and shows. Nameless can be a little inconvenient though, for instance, it’s YouTube dependent. So if a copyright claim comes up with YouTube and the video is off of the internet, Nameless will also show the static.

I was watching the channel earlier and a episode of Doug was taken off of YouTube and I had to wait 11 minutes for the next show to come on. Otherwise, I highly recommend it.


MTV’s Rock N Jock

Rock N Jock
From Huffpost (From L to R: Rick Mahorn, Tiffany Thiessen, Vlade Divac)

Beginning in 1990, MTV held a charity softball game called Rock N’ Jock. Players included current MLB team members, MTV personalities, musicians, and actors. The event was expanded into Basketball in 1991 and Football in 1997.



Rock N’ Jock sports could compare more to an arcade-style sports game as opposed to deep simulation. For example, in Rock N’ Jock softball, if a ball is hit in a highlighted spot in the field, it’s an automatic 5-run score. Also, any balls hit to a large wooden glove would be a long out. In 1994, a Magic 8 softball could be used a number of times within the game to have each run multiply to 8.

Starting in 1993’s Rock N’ Jock Basketball, the game had 10-point shots. And every last two minutes of each quarter would bring in the 25-point basket—hanging 25 feet from the floor. Oliver Miller was the first player in MTV’s Rock N’ Jock history to make the shot. His record was short-lived; immediately afterwards his game opponent Mark Jackson hit the 25-pointer and become the second record-holder.


Rock N’ Jock basketball wasn’t limited to just the game: there were also sketch comedy bits and comments from the players too. At the end of 1993’s Rock N’ Jock Basketball a hay fight between players, and also a few lucky spectators involved as well.

1994’s Rock N’ Jock softball featured Mike Piazza hitting a grand slam. However, he forgot to step on home plate in the end, rendering a 3-run homer with him getting the out.

Check out HuffPost pictures of Rock N Jock.

1993 Rock N’ Jock Roster


Dan Cortese (MTV Sports)

Steve Gorman (The Black Crows)

Mark Jackson (NBA, Clippers)

Dean Cain (Superman, Lois and Clark)

Duane Martin

Rick Mahorn (NBA, Pistons, 1989 NBA Champion)

David Charvet (Baywatch)

Jimmy Jackson

Stephen Baldwin (Bio-Dome)

Clifford Robinson (NBA, Trail Blazers, Went to North Korea with Dennis Rodman)

Tiffany Amber-Thiessen (Saved By The Bell)

Ed Lover (MTV Personalty)



Bill Bellamy (MTV Personalty)

Micheal Rapaport (Actor, True Romance)

Vlade Divac (NBA, Lakers, Olympics)

Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog)

Kay Gee (Naughty By Nature)

Dan Marjerle (NBA, Suns, 3x All-Star)

Paul Johannson (Beverly Hills 90210, later on One Tree Hill)

Oliver Miller (NBA, USBL, First person to make a 25-pointer)

Flavor Flav (Public Enemy)

Kareem-Abdul Jabbar (NBA, Lakers, 6x NBA Champion, Airplane, Diff’rent Strokes)