The Journey Situation

From L to R: Ross Valroy, Steve Smith, Arnel Pindea, Neal Schon, Jon Cain


The Journey Situation

Late in July, three band members of Journey (Arnel Pindea, Ross Valroy and Johnathon Cain) had visited the White House. There is video of the three saying hello to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Again, three members of the band went to the White House, the two who didn’t were Steve Smith and Neal Schon. And as most Journey fans would know, the latter wasn’t happy about it.


Here’s an article on Variety commenting on the situation, and also SPIN talks about this with it’s title: Journey May Break Up Because of Trump, and also this. Of course, this is just opinion from me, it seems that the news especially CNN and MSNBC like to talk about Trump a lot, heck, they’re probably blaming Trump for Hurricane Harvey. The presidency is a touchy subject these days. Also, I didn’t see any pictures of the three with Trump. I’d imagine if they did meet Trump, we would see pictures.

When it comes to Trump, Neal Schon has stated he is neutral with him, but he was upset with the three other members visiting the White House. Schon pretty much wants to keep the band politically neutral. However, there had been some reports of Jon Cain and Neal having issues in early June, before the visit to the White House as Ultimate Classic Rock states. Also, Jonathon’s wife, Paula White Cain is a Spiritual Adviser for Trump. The two married in 2015, the third marriage for the both of them.

And also, on October 2016, Jonathan talked a little about Don’t Stop Believin’ and his Christian faith.

When it comes to the rift between Jon and Neal before the White House visit, Carl Palmer of Asia said he didn’t notice anything.

As for the end of Journey, somebody got a hold of Herbie Herbert, the former manager of Journey from their start as Prog Rockers in the mid-70s to when they reformed in the 90s. Herbie stated that fighting within the band is usual. But he also did note that Neal had an issue with Cain going to Christianity. Herbie Herbert, whose an Atheist, had no problems with Cain finding God.

Herbie Herbert and Neal Schon

But Herbie also talked about Neal’s personal life and the idea of him on his fifth marriage. The article also tells of Neal owes a lot of momey in alimony from his previous marriages. Journey is Neal’s primary money-maker and if the end of Journey were to happen, according to Herbie, that would bring Neal into financial ruin.

Let’s hope this won’t be the end of Journey. I saw them in June and I would like to see them again.



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