Playing Twisted Metal 2 for the first time in nearly 20 years!


I bought Twisted Metal 2 at a classic video games shop nearby me for a mere seven bucks. I had Twisted Metal 2 back in 1997 and remember beating the game quite a few times with the sluggish controls of Hammerhead. Twisted Metal 2 is one of these early PlayStation games and could be completed in an hour if you’re good at it. No memory card is needed for Twisted Metal 2, it depended on easy passwords.

The Twisted Game We Play!

The first Twisted Metal was released in 1995, it was based in Los Angeles in 2005, and the man running the show was Calypso. Needless to say, the city wide demolition derby pretty much tore Los Angeles apart. For the second Twisted Metal, released in 1996, Calypso goes global in 2006 with the worldwide series of car fights. One of the differences with Twisted Metal 2 was SweetTooth was not an available player, one would have to put in a code to unlock him. The same could be done with Minion. Unlike the first Twisted Metal, you fight Minion in Amazonia (the 3rd level) and not at the end of the game in the first installment. The end of Twisted Metal 2 has you fighting Dark Tooth in Hong Kong.

From GodGames Hammerhead getting hit by Roadkill

I gave Twisted Metal 2 a try with Hammerhead again. Hammerhead is manned by two idiots who go by Mike & Stu. They remind me a lot of Cory & Trevor in the early Trailer Park Boys episodes, Trevor would later be replaced by Jacob. Another duo they remind me of is Zack and Suliman, two brothers who often call the Tom Leykis Show, the former often calls from his room with a smoke detector chirp due to a low battery.

Showtime with Hammerhead & Weaponary

Playing as Hammerhead was a challenge as it took a little while to get use to the sluggish controls. It wasn’t due to the game, it’s just difficult to move Hammerhead around without someone fast like Mr. Grimm throwing missiles at you. Suprisingly, I was able to beat the 1st level, being the Los Angeles ruins with just losing one life. The power missiles were helpful when I was able to get near the opponents. The missiles come in three different types: the homing missile, which follows the opponent when fired; the fire missile which doesn’t have the strong homing capabilities as the previous mention; and the power missile that goes straight and needed to be fired at the right time. This also includes napalms that also have little homing capability and the ricochet bombs that are just like the green Koopa shells in Mario Kart, they only go straight and bounce on walls.

Gameplay & Levels

After the ruins of Los Angeles, you go to a very small level in Russia. This one was difficult, especially when Sweet Tooth following me and kicking my ass, but I was able to win with losing life number 2 and barely getting by with a small smug of energy. Next was Paris, I got killed before I could do anything and lost my last life. After two times dying in Paris, I finally beat it and went to Amazonia. Amazonia took me two tries with one of my deaths staying in the hot lava for too long. I found a little room and began to fire missiles out of there until I got everybody. And Minion came along and I killed him too (that took too long due to me pulling the wuss move and hiding in the room waiting for him to drive by the doorway).

After that, New York was next. New York is the biggest level in the game, and with how I beat Minion, I did the same thing. I hid on one of the buildings and waited for the opponents to come to me. It all worked well until Outlaw got below me and did her special attack with the lighting going through the floors and getting me. I drove Hammerhead to first aid and some power missiles and waited. Luckily, Outlaw made a mistake and fell off one of the buildings. In New York, you can easily fall off of buildings.

Sweettooth getting hit in Antarctica
The glitch in Antarctica

Antarctica has ice that can break and have you fall into the ocean and lose a life. When I played, I tried to hide in one of the snowy areas in the level, but that wasn’t working. I drove hammerhead around the ice and sadly fell into the ocean which leads to losing a life or your death if you lost all your lives. But the game glitches and had me still alive, just not able to move. My last three enemies tried to get closer to attack me but all three fell into the ocean and died. That was strange!

I gave up!

Next up was Holland, it is a very small level and flat with no hiding spots. I had a hard time and cheated by getting the Hong Kong password and went on. Hong Kong is the final level and after defeating all opponents, you fight Dark Tooth, the final boss. Hong Kong is a big level with some dead ends; you can also drive on the subway as well. I had a hard time with Hong Kong and just gave it up. I’m just not good at this game as a 35-year-old man and not the video game obsessed 15-year-old I once was.

So, since we are in 2017, we can show you what happens to Mike & Stu when they win:

Those idiots!!

Also with our PlayStation, it came with a sampler disc that contained demos and also interviews with the game makers. Twisted Metal 2’s lead designer has an interview on this disc. In the sampler disc, you highlight the question and press X, and you get the answers from David Jaffe himself. This vid below just has his answers, here is:

Find additional info on Twisted Metal 2 here:



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