The official launch!

Hell yes! We have finally launched Eighties and Nineties! You can find us at I officially launched on Groundhog Day 2017, no special reason why I launched the website this day, it just happens to be Groundhog Day today. Not a big fan of that day, but I do like the movie.

Ned Ryerson!!!

Anyways, if you are at this site on or a little past Groundhog Day 2017, there ain’t s–t here at the moment. We plan on having some more content by the end of the month. Fleetwood Mac is doing a 30th year anniversary of their album Tango in the Night, and I plan on making a post about that.

Until then, if you like 80s video games? Well, take a look at one of my five current sites (including this one), take a look at Retro Baseball Love.

Also, we will change the ‘cover’ to this website each week with a music video from either the 80s or the 90s. We started our site with Asia’s “Heat of the Moment” to honor John Wetton (RIP). That sucks, I really wanted to see Asia and Journey tour together.

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