Spice Girls at the BRIT Awards 1997

Yes, on February 24, 1997, The Spice Girls performed at the Brit Awards. Love em or hate em, The Spice Girls were a big group in the late 90s and also matched chart topping numbers similar to The Beatles, their debut album Spice made #1 in many countries.

Spice Girls at BRIT Awards 1997

What made the headlines the next day was Geri Halliwell with her Union Jack dress. Anyways, I’m a guy and all I can say is that’s hot. If you want some extra info on that day and the fashion sense, take a look here.

Spice Girls as a trio?

Recently, The Spice Girls have reformed after their third breakup, but as a trio. Geri, Mel B and Emma are going as GEM but keeping the name. If your interested in the 60% version of SP, visit their site here. Also, there is a Broadway show in the works based on the group on the original site.

One thing that’s kinda hot about the GEM site, it does show the three of them in bed as a still in the video.

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